EGR Dust Defence Kits

EGR Dust Defence Kits 

EGR is now the market leader in quality Dust Defence Kits for your Ute and Pick Up.
Engineered to specifically combat any dust or water entering through the large gapping around your tailgate opening, the EGR Dust Defence Kit is robust and hard-wearing. You won't find a better perimeter seal for your tailgate on the market.

Fitment time - 1.5hrs without liner, 2hrs with standard plastic well-liner.


  • Requires trimming of the Tub Liner for fitment.
  • Fitment with 'spray on' liners will affect the fitment of this product.

This product requires metal to metal application (the kit against your tub).  Liners need to be trimmed back to allow this contact - and spray liners may not be able to easily be trimmed.

Removal of other items fitted to the top of your tub is also recommended when fitting this product (remove Canopy/Hard Lid/Rollcover - fit the dust kit, then re-fit the Canopy/Hard Lid/EGR RollTrac - as it's easier to trim your ute liner by removing it completely, then re-fitting it inside your tub).

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