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All the features and benefits of our electric roll cover - only you are in control.

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SecurityGo anywhere
with confidence.

The addition of the EGR RollTrac to your vehicle creates a safer storage area for your tub.
Unlike alternatives, this roll cover cannot be cut or forced open thanks to the aluminium slats that interlock, creating an impenetrable barrier.
Opening/closing has never been easier! The Electric EGR RollTrac operates with the push of a button on either side of the unit. Our electric roll cover also integrates with your vehicle's existing central locking system allowing you to lock/unlock your vehicle with your original key fob. Lock your vehicle and walk away, knowing your tub is 100% secure.
Manual operation more your style? EGR RollTrac Manual can be opened and closed with a built-in latch handle that allows the user to easily slide the roll cover to any position and can be locked in 100mm increment along its journey. Lock your tub with a turn of a key and your tub is safe.
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Design.Precise and Unrestrained.

The Electric and Manual EGR RollTrac boasts a robust and sleek design with no compromise on quality. The exterior of the EGR RollTrac is finished in a lightly textured satin black powder coat and distinguished by soft edges and clearly defined formal contours. We're confident you'll agree that the EGR RollTrac compliments your vehicle's aesthetics perfectly.
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SMARTER.Eclipsing the competition.

The EGR RollTrac Electric has an intelligent onboard ECU that connects the EGR RollTrac to your vehicle's remote central locking system, operating an electric roll cover has never been easier. Intelligent programming offers smooth and safe operation of the unit and a smart power management system that detects a drop in power, preserving what's left so you can start your vehicle.
man using EGR Rolltrac on a ute

Weather Resistant.Built for action in all climates.

Protect your vehicle's tub from the elements. Large aperture drainage tubes in each corner of the EGR RollTrac integrate seamlessly and discreetly into the vehicle while interlocking aluminium slats prevent any water penetration.
Dust an issue? Complete your EGR RollTrac with a dust defender. These kits provide a superior seal around the inside perimeter of your tailgate, keeping dust and water spray from entering through the gaps around your vehicle tailgate.
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Is the EGR RollTrac waterproof?
EGR states that the EGR RollTrac is weather resistant. The EGR RollTrac should not leak through the top slat surface, the side rails, canister, or the drainage tube system. However, as we do not conduct each and every fitment ourselves (unit assembly and placement onto the vehicle), we cannot guarantee the integrity of the fitment, and therefore will not guarantee the product will be 'waterproof'. Perimeter sealing and overall gap filling is the responsibility of the fitter you have hired to complete the fitment. Keep in mind, your existing tub has holes with the front wall, floor, and a 10mm gapping around the sides and bottom of the tailgate also.
Where does the water and rainfall go?
The EGR RollTrac aluminium slats will not allow water to penetrate between them, and any water that falls onto the broad surface area, is dispersed off to the side railing. The water flows through a channel in the side railing, either to the front canister or rear corners, then exits through large drainage tubes.
What is the warranty period on EGR RollTrac?
EGR warrants that the EGR RollTrac will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the retail date of purchase. Warranty must be claimed with an original sales receipt showing proof of purchase. It is recommended that warranty claims be lodged via a place of purchase/fitment
What is the load capacity of EGR RollTrac?
EGR RollTrac has a top load capacity of between 90-150kg depending on your vehicle manufacturer. Please review the yellow warning label on your EGR RollTrac for the nominated capacity for your vehicle. Also please note, your load capacity is also affected and determined by the brand of racking you choose to accessories your EGR RollTrac with. Different Rack manufacturers have different ratings for their racking components. If in doubt, review your warning label located on the canister of the EGR RollTrac unit.
Will there be any drilling into the vehicle body when installing EGR RollTrac?
Whilst the EGR RollTrac fits the vehicle using a clamp system, there is drilling required to fit the tailgate stop rail, and the drainage tubes.
Is EGR RollTrac compatible with tub liners?
Yes, with some modification required. Precise trimming requirements are thoroughly outlined in the fitting instructions for each product.
How do I clean my EGR RollTrac?
For the surface, a standard car wash works just fine. For clearing debris, leaves, or other organic material that has fallen onto the EGR RollTrac and collected in the canister, open the access ports of the canister and remove any items sitting idle in the bottom.
Will installing the EGR RollTrac affect my fuel economy?
Recent University studies have demonstrated that installing a flat cover onto the bed of your pick up can improve your fuel consumption by 7-10%. Installing accessories onto the EGR RollTrac such as bike carriers and loading rails may reduce the amount of benefit.
Will my EGR RollTrac discolour over time?
The UV-stable powder coat finish of the EGR RollTrac has been tested in the harshest conditions and complies with all leading motor car company requirements. You should not expect any discolouring of your EGR RollTrac.
How much does EGR RollTrac weigh?
Electric units weigh approx 50kg (Boxed weight is 65kg)
Manual units weigh approx 45kg (Boxed weight is 60kg)
Which EGR RollTrac accessories fit my vehicle?
All major racking brands will work on the EGR RollTrac. Yakima, Pro Rack, Rhino, Thule, Rola, should all be able to adapt and integrate into our side rail channeling. Other accessories include EGR's own 150kg Cross Bar Kit, OEM Sports Bar Integration Kits and Dust Defenders, as well as extra LED lighting.
What do I do if I have a warranty issue with my EGR RollTrac?
In the instance of lodging a warranty claim, please return to the place of purchase or fitment, and lodge with them directly, as essentially, they sold you the product.
  • They will then claim on your behalf, to EGR.
  • EGR will request the following (perhaps provide it to your place of purchase to save processing time)
  • Product & Part Number
  • Description of the warranty issue
  • Copy of original receipt
  • Images of the issue and serial number label
Are spare parts available for EGR RollTrac?
EGR has a range of service kits for interchangeable parts on EGR RollTrac.
Can I install EGR RollTrac myself?
We recommend that your EGR RollTrac is installed by an EGR-accredited fitter. Correctly fitting the EGR RollTrac can be an extensive procedure for the un-trained, and access to specialised tools and technical know-how improves the overall result. Poor fitment can reduce the quality of the product you have purchased.
My EGR RollTrac is not tracking smoothly
Check that the side rails are fitted parallel. Also, check there is nothing in the sidetracking that could be in the way of the slats tracking smoothly. Check your owner's manual for steps on recalibrating your unit.
Does the EGR RollTrac lock my tailgate?
The EGR RollTrac integrates with your vehicle's central locking. When the tailgate is closed and the EGR RollTrac is locked, the EGR RollTrac locks into the vehicle's tailgate, securing your load area.** Note** Some vehicles do not have a tailgate rail, therefore EGR RollTrac does not lock to the tailgate. Please refer to the product page to determine if your product has a tailgate lock or not.
What happens if my car battery is flat? Will I be able to open the EGR RollTrac Electric?
The Electric EGR RollTrac is equipped with a manual override function and key lock. Using the supplied key, you will be able to unlock the Electric EGR RollTrac and operate it manually in the event of a battery or other electrical failure.
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Strong Design

The EGR RollTrac is operated by onboard buttons located on both rear corners of the side rails for easy access and use.

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Smart Tech (Electric Models)

EGR RollTrac Electric includes vehicle integrated central locking. Once the vehicle is locked, cover cannot be opened.

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EGR RollTrac Electric includes vehicle integrated central locking. Once the vehicle is locked, cover cannot be opened.

EGR RollTrac Manual includes tailgate locking with the supplied key.

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Weather resistant — built for action in all climates

The EGR RollTrac has been tested for all climate and weather conditions. Dry dusty desert, wet tropical rainfall, salt spraying beach driving, and even extreme cold and snow.

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The EGR RollTrac has an easy accessible canister to allow easy cleaning and removal of debris.

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A universal T-Rail system is built into the EGR RollTrac side arms allowing for pre-existing accessory compatibility.

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