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Reliability, ultimate quality and design come together across all of the EGR range. Whether life in or out of the city streets, the EGR brand is designed to drive you and your family to every adventure with reliability, practicality and style.
Fit for a king.My EGR Fitment service
& Installation.

At EGRauto.com, we don't just sell automotive parts - we install them as well! No more dropping off your vehicle - getting a lift back to the office - then back to pick up the car when it's ready. We've eliminated that inconvenience and created the “first of its kind” fitment service. Simply purchase your upgrade online, organise a time that best suits you and our highly trained and experienced fitment team will arrive on time and carry out fitment in your desired location.

EGR2U team
48 years of Brilliance.Manufactured locally,
Operating Globally.

EGR is the preferred designer and manufacturer of automotive parts to nearly 50 OEMs worldwide! These include roll covers, canopies, bodykits, spoilers, headlight guards and rear wheel covers. All made locally here in Australia! It's safe to say..over last 40+ years - there would have been at least 1 EGR part in any vehicle you've travelled in!

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