EGR RollTrac

The EGR RollTrac by EGR Auto is a premium tonneau cover designed to provide excellent protection for your truck bed cargo while enhancing the overall look of your vehicle. This cover is made with high-quality materials and advanced engineering to ensure durability and reliability in any weather conditions.

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With its unique roll-up mechanism, the RollTrac allows for easy access to your truck bed, without the need for lifting or removing the cover. The cover is also designed with an aerodynamic profile to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency.

Whether you're hauling large items or simply want to protect your cargo from the elements, the EGR RollTrac by EGR Auto is the perfect choice for any truck owner who wants the best in both style and functionality.

The RollTrac features a sleek low-profile design that sits flush with your truck bed, providing a seamless, streamlined appearance. Its integrated locking system ensures maximum security for your cargo, while the easy-to-use handle makes it simple to open and close the cover.

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